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Night Splint with Tread

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Night Splint Sizing (US Shoe Sizes)

Women order: Small for size 6 and smaller, Medium size 6 ½ to 9 ½, Large size 10 and larger

Men order: Small for size 4 ½ and smaller, Medium size 5 to 9, Large size 9 ½ and larger

Actual length of the foot bed is: Small 8 ½", Medium 10 ¼", Large 11 ¼"
This Night Splint fits left and right foot.

Avoid that painful first morning step with a Night Splint

Night Splint with Tread

This plantar fascia night splint is light, comfortable and easy to use allowing you to relieve your pain effortlessly while sleeping comfortably. This device gently stretches the fascia ligament and Achilles tendon throughout the night resulting in relief from your morning foot pain. Regular use of this night splint prevents further damage to your plantar fascia and helps you to recover faster.

"80% of test subjects who used a night splint demonstrated significant improvement from plantar fasciitis”   – Department of Orthopedics, University of West Virginia

The adjustable bilateral flexion straps allow you to select the dorsiflexion angle that will best heal your injury.

  • Adjustable bilateral dorsiflexion straps (from 10-90 degrees)
  • Lined foam interior is soft, washable and breathable to keep your foot cooler
  • Foam padded straps maintain comfort across the foot and leg
  • Sturdy and easy to use buckle releases
  • Lightweight and durable, one-piece flexible shell with rubber tread
  • Additional five degrees of dorsal flexion foam wedge included

Note: Intended for nighttime use only.

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