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Knee-Flex Passive Stretch Device

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Enhance your Range of Motion (ROM) & Flexibility with Knee-Flex® Passive Stretching Conservative Treatments!

This conservative treatment device allows the operator to gently stretch and strengthen muscles of the knee joint. This type of stretch is a commonly prescribed therapy in cases involving arthritis of the knee, general joint, muscle or tendon injuries and most cases of post knee surgery recovery.

The Knee-Flex Passive Knee Stretch Device, providing full heel to hip movement, exclusively offered by MendMeShop

Has your orthopaedic surgeon suggested physical therapy to strengthen and increase the flexibility of the muscles and joints in your leg, knee, hip and/or lower back?

Strengthen and Maintain Mobility in the Knee safely and easily with the Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device! It's the Perfect Solution to Work with Your Current Physical Therapy & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Routine!

The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device

The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device can add or maintain range of motion (ROM) in the knee and has been used successfully during knee post surgery recovery. It is also intended to relieve the pain and stiffness in your joint if you have restricted movement or have been at rest for long periods of time. You can gain ROM and flexibility from continuous passive stretching of the lower leg if you suffer from:

Knee - Flex Therapy Usage
  • on-going stiffness and pain in the knee due to acute injury,
  • muscle atrophy (loss of muscle) in the affected leg,
  • limited mobility because of knee osteoporosis, and even
  • late degenerative arthritis and/or osteoarthritis in the knee joint.

Convenient, Portable, Ergonomic, Medical Grade Design allows Treatment Anywhere, Anytime!

A Knee-Flex® Passive Stretch Device can be used anytime during the healing process of your muscle, tendon or joint injury. You can easily add Knee-Flex® treatments to your everyday life, get the most out of your body's healing potential and reinforce the benefits you are getting from other conservative treatments (Blood Flow Stimulation Therapy™, cold compression, and physical therapy).

Knee-Flex® passive stretching can be used to improve leg, knee and hip movement and performance during:

  • Preparation for knee surgery (including a full knee replacement). Some doctors believe regular stretching/exercising before surgery will strengthen the muscles in your leg to better prepare your knee for rehabilitation after the surgery.

  • Rehabilitation after knee surgery. Knee-Flex® treatments easily integrate into any orthopaedic rehabilitation plan.

  • Recovery from chronic conditions (arthritis, osteoarthritis) or long-term restricted movement. Pain and stiffness can be soothed through regular movement with a Knee-Flex.

  • Recovery from a knee replacement surgery.

And any other time when you feel your knee's movement/range of motion is not where it should be, or you need stretching/exercise to improve the overall health and quality of movement in your leg!

The Knee-Flex® Passive Stretch Device = An Amazing Tool that Brings Knee Injury Rehabilitation to a Whole New Level!

The Knee-Flex® has been designed with the body in mind, taking into consideration that the muscles and tendons in our bodies are all connected. If one of your muscles, tendons or joints fail you due to injury, a chronic condition, or rehabilitation after surgery - then the rest of your leg will pick up the slack! If for example you have suffered from a knee injury, you will start to notice pain in other areas of your body... Like your lower leg, hamstring, hip or lower back. You may even suffer from pain in your opposite, healthier leg because it is taking on more weight and working that much harder. This is something commonly referred to as compensation pain, and it isn't something a lot of people talk about.

The gentle stretch provided by the Knee-Flex® can enhance treatment of your knee injury while also addressing any other pain and stiffness you are experiencing in your leg, hip, lower back or opposite leg (that dreaded compensation pain). Continuous heel to hip movement is an exercise that many physical therapists, sports rehabilitation therapists and other medical professionals prescribe to patients to build a good, strong foundation for leg mobility and strength.

Heel Slides (heel to hip stretching) is used by physical therapists as a foundation stretch to treat many conditions.

Heel to hip movement is nothing new... Common stretching techniques like Pilates, Yoga and other fitness regimens all encourage heel to hip movement to firm, tone and condition the body. This movement is also used to increase alignment of your leg from your heel to your hip.

Because this is a foundation stretch used in so many forms of exercise, physical therapists will use this stretch for a variety of injuries including recovery from an acute knee injury, chronic knee condition, and after surgery for rehabilitation. This is why your physical therapist will prescribe heel to hip movement (sometimes referred to as "heel slides") during your appointments with them... They want to introduce gentle stretching of your leg to keep your knee active and moving. They will even suggest this before you make the transition to crutches, or while you are transitioning from crutches to walking.

The Knee-Flex = A New, Revolutionary Advancement on a Trusted Form of Rehabilitation

Physical therapists will manually manipulate your knee to perform assisted heel slides while massages different areas of the knee and leg and making sure that your joints, muscles and tendons are performing as they should.

When physical therapists prescribe heel to hip stretching they will usually advise you to take a seat on the ground (or on their manual manipulation table in the office), remain seated or lay down and move your heel out away from your body so your leg is straight, then slowly move your knee in toward your lower back - this flexes/bends your knee. In the physical therapy office they may even perform manual manipulation, where they move your leg for you so they can feel your knee or hip joints and the muscles/tendons in your leg to see how your body reacts to the stretch.

Slowly you will get the hang of things in physical therapy and your therapist will recommend that you continue a set of heel slide stretches several times a week in your own home.

Knee rehabilitation exercises enhance mobility of the knee after surgery/ Passive knee stretching improves overall joint mobility, decreases pain, increases muscle strength, and disperses synovial fluid throughout the knee.

When attempting this stretch on your own outside of your physical therapist's office, your physical therapist will encourage you to use a plastic bag, cookie sheet, tension band, belt or other tool to facilitate movement of your heel to your hip. They recommend these tools to help you achieve consistent stretching and assistance during your stretching routine. The problem with this is that using a plastic bag or cookie sheet during this stretch can be unsafe, with little to no control over what your body is actually doing!

This is where the Knee-Flex® comes in! This device provides safe, consistent, controlled heel to hip movement on a sturdy, hardwood track. This makes sure that your heels slides are the same every time! Your stretch won't vary or change as you attempt a higher number of repetitions, experience set-backs from re-injury, or lose control over unsafe tools.

During your first session with the Knee-Flex®, you can even loop a belt, bathrobe or tension band around your foot to assist your efforts. Once you find this is not needed then stop using the loop and continue to enjoy the safe, consistent, controlled passive stretch of the Knee-Flex® device.

Why you will love your Knee-Flex® Passive Heel to Hip Stretching Device

This device is used by many medical professionals, they rely on the sturdy, sleek design to help their patients achieve improvements in mobility.

This is a hand-crafted, industrial grade product 100% made in Canada from Canadian Hardwood! This machine is built to withstand years of daily usage in a physical therapist office. The Knee-Flex® device:

  • has been in use for over 10 years in many Canadian physical therapist clinics, and physical therapists love this machine!
  • treats a multitude of knee related issues. (post knee surgery recovery, knee replacement recovery, knee joint range of motion problems associated with underuse or arthritic causal factors)
  • operates without use of tension bands or any added force aside from the weight of your own leg
  • has a durable, easy slide track designed to enhance your rehabilitation program prescribed by your orthopaedic surgeon and/or physical therapist
  • can be used at home in conjunction with your treatments at your physical therapy clinic (under the supervision of your orthopaedic surgeon and/or physical therapist).

This unique product is designed with every detail in mind to give you the most effective and most enjoyable therapeutic experience available anywhere.

There are 2 more amazing advantages available to you with regular conservative treatments with a Knee-Flex® Passive Stretch Device...

1. Chronic Condition, Post-Surgery & Joint Replacement Recovery at Home is now Made Possible

When recovering from a severe injury (especially after surgery) the tendons and muscles in and surrounding the area being treated can develop massive amounts of scar tissue (tough, fibrous, brittle tissue). Scar tissue is basically the body's natural way of healing - it's a band-aid solution that is meant to heal the body while recovering from chronic conditions (tendon/muscle injury, arthritis, osteoarthritis) and even after extensive/invasive surgery. This brittle tissue will bind itself to any damaged soft tissue fibers in an effort to fuse and re-connect damaged tissue.

As time goes on scar tissue continues to form on top of the damaged tissue, creating a mound of tough, dense tissues that stiffens the underlying tendon, muscle and/or joint. Unfortunately... scar tissue will also stick to surrounding healthy muscle fibers, preventing them from sliding back and forth as they normally would during healthy movement.

Scar tissue can be what is stiffening your tendons, muscles and/or joints - preventing regular movement and reducing your range of motion (ROM).

Break up and prevent growth of scar tissue with regular Knee-Flex Passive Stretch Device conservative treatments.

The only solution to get rid of scar tissue and promote growth of healthy, flexible tissue is repeated motion through exercise.

The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device can provide natural, fluid, passive stretches for your leg while recovering from surgery. Regular, consistent exercises with a Knee-Flex® will stretch scar tissue, increasing extensibility and flexibility of the tissue and improving overall range of motion (ROM).

2. Easy Integration with Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Programs

Heel to hip movement is used by many hospitals and physical therapy clinics during rehabilitation programs for knee, hip and leg injuries. This technique is considered to be a foundation exercise that assesses and increases flexibility of the tendons, muscles, soft tissues and joints in your leg. You will find in most rehabilitation programs that regular heel to hip stretching and conservative treatment:

Knee-Flex Passive Heel to Hip Stretch Devices are used throughout Canadian physical therapy clinics and hospitals during orthopaedic rehabilitation efforts.
  • Builds Muscle Strength
  • Increases Mobility and Range of Motion (ROM)
  • Speeds Overall Healing
  • Prevents Muscle Loss
  • Improves Muscular Function and Capability
  • Refines Tissue Alignment and Physical Balance
  • Encourages Joint and Tissue Flexibility
  • Facilitates Proper Warm Up for Regular Exercise
  • Promotes Healthy Circulation of Injured Tissues

The Knee-Flex® enhances any rehabilitation program prescribed by your orthopaedic surgeon and/or physical therapist. It can even be used under the direct supervision of your trusted medical professional!

Talk with your physical therapist about purchasing The Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device now and start healing!
It has changed the lives of our customers and it will change yours too.

"My knee was replaced in Toronto two years ago. I have had Osteoarthritis in my joints (hands, hips, knees) for many years. I began using the Knee-Flex Exercise Machine while I was recuperating in the hospital after my knee replacement operation with great success. More importantly I still use my Knee-Flex Exercise Machine every day at home to maintain this mobility. It is easy for me to use and it stores away very nicely."

- Agnes, Arthritis Suffer & Knee Replacement Patient

Rating: Five Star Rating[5 of 5 Stars!]

Results may vary. Always seek the advice of your physician
in choosing the best treatment option for you.


What can a Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device Treat?

A Knee-Flex® treats pain, loss of function, and mobility issues of:

  • knee, hip and ankle joint injuries
  • ACL, MCL tear or other knee ligament injury
  • meniscus tear
  • knee, hip and ankle replacement surgery recovery
  • repetitive strain/stress injuries
  • knee, hip and ankle arthritis, osteoarthritis or other degenerative condition
  • knee, hip, ankle joint or other leg muscle/tendon arthroscopic or open surgery recovery
  • patellar tendonitis
  • Iliotibial band syndrome (ITBS)
  • acetabular labral tears
  • hip flexor, abductor and adductor injuries
  • hamstring pull or strain
  • quadriceps pull or strain
  • calf (gastrocnemius muscle) pull or strain
  • Achilles tendonitis, Achilles tightness, pulls or strains
  • knee or hip dislocation recovery
  • general ankle, knee, hip or other leg pain

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The Next Step is Up to You.. Get your Knee-Flex® and improve your mobility now!

Our customers love the quick, natural pain relief and you will too.

Call for your personal treatment plan.

For more information about our Knee-Flex® and how this device will work for you, check out our Knee-Flex® Passive Knee Stretch Device page on here

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